We offer a well rounded environment for children to learn & grow!

My Busy Town is a place were families can bring their children to participate in enrichment classes that will run through out the week. On the weekends we will offer birthday parties starting Friday night through Sunday evening as well as limited week day evenings. 

We will offer a membership program for children and their families. With this membership families will bring their children to My Busy Town to enrich the lives of their child/children through the programs  and environment we offer. Social interactions as well as Engagement in pretend play has many benefits for a child's development. 

When a child is acting out story or real life experiences  which involves multiple perspectives and playful manipulations of ideas and emotions, that reflect a critical feature of a child's cognitive and social development. Imaginary play supports a child's development in many areas social skills such as  communication,problem solving, and empathy. My Busy Town will also offer gross motor skills activities as well as structured activities within our enrichment programs. My Busy Town fosters the entire child developmentally and offers a well rounded environment for children to learn and grow!